5V Module USB Humidifier Atomization Plate Circuit Board Smoke like vapor steam

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  • Widely used in the ultrasonic atomization devices, USB humidifier, perfume atomizer, aromatherapy atomizer and other atomization devices.
  • It can work well over the water’s surface, absorbent sponge or towelwith more finer particles and higher spray level.
  • It Is A 108KHz 20mm Micro USB Humidifier With Driver. It Will Keep Work after Power-ON.
  • Distinguish the front and Back of the Atomizer. The front Has White Piezoelectric Ceramic Ring and Pads. Place the Atomizer on the Surface of the Water and Cannot Be Placed in Water. Backside Contact Water Surface. Provide Power Supply Form Micro USB.It Will Keep Work after Power-ON.
  • Work Voltage:DC 4.5V~5.0V, Work Temperature:0℃~85℃, Work Humidity:10%~90%RH
  • High frequency oscillation,more finer particles,large and stable atomization amount, timing shutdown.
  • USB humidifier special micro hole atomization film, surface anti-oxidation silver layer protection coating, the front side is white piezoelectric ceramic ring, the back is all steel material, waterproof solder joint, to prevent open circuit.
  • Atomizer plate:Voltage:5V;Current :300mA;Steel plate diameter: about 16mm;Diameter of outer silicone ring: about 20mm;Frequency: 110KHz;Cable length: about 8cm.
  • Our atomizer plate with 5V frequency driver board, it is more convenient compared with other product. You can start the board via the button after power the module.The atomizer plat should be used with the same frequency circuit board so as to achieve the ideal spray volume.
  • Please refer to the picture for the detailed information of the circuit board structure diagram, wiring diagram and atomizer size diagram.