Arduino® GIGA Display Shield

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With the Arduino GIGA Display Shield, effortlessly deploy graphic interfaces to your Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi projects using our innovative touch screen solution, which includes a digital microphone, 6-axis IMU, and Arducam® connector, enabling seamless creation of handheld devices or dashboards.

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Introducing the GIGA Display Shield, a touch screen solution designed to effortlessly deploy graphic interfaces in your projects. Leveraging the new pin header connector in the middle of GIGA R1 WiFi, this shield offers seamless integration and enhanced functionalities.

With the GIGA Display Shield, you gain access to an array of features, including a digital microphone, 6-axis IMU, and Arducam connector. These added capabilities allow you to fully utilize the other 54 available pins, making it incredibly convenient to create handheld devices or dashboards to control your project.

Experience the convenience of building intuitive interfaces with ease, thanks to the GIGA Display Shield’s user-friendly design and comprehensive features. Elevate your project’s functionality and user experience with this cutting-edge solution.

Tech specs

Board Name Arduino® GIGA Display Shield
SKU ASX00039
Connectors Camera SOCKET 2ROW 20POS VERTICAL PASS THROUGH (Arducam compatible)
Display Video F32Q-1A7H1-11020
Display Touch F32Q-1A7H1-11008
Display KD040WVFID026-01-C025A
Size 3.97”
Resolution 480×800 RGB
Color 16.7M
Touch Mode Five points and Gestures
Interface I2C
Sensors IMU BMI270
Microphone MP34DT06JTR