Capacitive Touch Sensor Module

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This touch sensor is a capacitive touch sensor module and the sensor driver is based on the driver IC TTP223.

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In some applications, user input is required to control the functions of a device. There are different kinds of user input methods used in the embedded and digital electronics. The touch sensor is one of them. Touch sensor is an important and widely used input device to interface with a microcontroller (e.g Arduino) and it has made inputting data simpler. There are individual places where the touch sensor can be used, whether it can be a mobile phone or an LCD monitor switch. However, there are many types of sensors available in the market but capacitive touch sensor is the widely used type in touch sensor segment.

This touch sensor is a capacitive touch sensor module and the sensor driver is based on the driver IC TTP223. This capacitive touch sensor is an ideal alternative for the old-fashioned keypads and buttons. The operating voltage of the TTP223 IC is from the 2V to 5.5V and the power consumption of the touch sensor is very low. Due to the inexpensive, low power consumption, and easy to integrate support, the touch sensor with TTP223 becomes popular in the capacitive touch sensor segment.

This device uses your body as part of the circuit. When you touch the sensor pad, the capacitance of the circuit is changed and detected. That detected change in capacitance results in the output changing states.

Note: This product is in blue colour. Those pictures above just to illustrate how the connections should be.


  • On-board TTP223 capacitive touch sensor
  • IC Status indicator LED
  • Low power consumption
  • Can replace the traditional touch of a button
  • Four M2 screws positioning holes for easy installation


  • Working Voltage Range: 2V to 5.5V
  • Output high VOH: 0.8VCC
  • Output low VOL: 0.3VCC
  • PCB Size: 24mm x 24mm


  • TTP223 datasheet
  • Tutorial (This tutorial explained the working principle of this TTP223 Capacitive Touch Sensor Module. The writer also share the circuit connection and basic coding on how to use it. Pretty simple and recommended to follow this tutorial)