Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor different variation

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adjustable capacitor used in radio frequency and tuning circuits


This is a type of adjustable capacitor used in radio frequency and tuning circuits, initial calibration of equipment during manufacturing or servicing. Trimmer capacitors are used to initially set oscillator frequency values, latencies, rise and fall times and other variables in a circuit.

Also known as adjustable variable capacitor, adjustable trimmer capacitor, variable trimmer capacitor.

1)Capacitance: 5-120pF
2)Operating temperature: -25C to +85C.
3)Rated Voltage: DC25V.
Trimmer Capacitor: 1-50pF, 25V
The main parameters:
Capacitance: 1-50pF
Operating temperature: -25 C to +85 C.
Rated Voltage: DC25V.
Insulation resistance: > 10000MΩ .
Torque range: 30 to 200 gf-cm.
Soldering temperature: 260 ± 5 C.
Q value: 500.
Installation: Soldering by-hand.
Applications: Mainly used in walkie-talkies, radios, telephones, remote control,
Remote control toys, automation equipment, wireless communications equipment, and other fields.

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