Electric Paint Lamp Kit By Bare Conductive

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Transform paper into light!

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Transform a piece of paper into a touch-sensitive lamp with Electric Paint

Combine the magic of Electric Paint and the Light Up Board, to create a beautiful paper lamp in three easy steps: paint, fold, and power on! No tools, no programming, no special skills required, the hardest part is choosing which lamp to make.

Select from three templates, each with a unique interface to create either a touch, dimmer or proximity lamp. The Electric Paint Lamp Kit is the perfect gift to bring a little more light to your life, or someone else’s.


1 x Light Up Board
1 x Electric Paint 10ml Tube
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x Touch Lamp Template
1 x Dimmer Lamp Template
1 x Proximity Lamp Template
1 x Instruction Test Sheet

Let there be (three types of) light

Need a new lamp? Maybe you’d like your shelf to illuminate when choosing a book? Or you just want to set the mood with a dimmer. Choose the perfect lamp from three designs and interactions.

Make it your own

Want a different design or pattern for your lampshades? Customize your template and make it your own.