Infrared Line Tracking Sensor Module For Arduino

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  • sensor adopts TCRT5000, high sensitivity
  • sensitivity adjustable digital potentiometer to adjust (blue)
  • modules can induction block from 0 to 3 cm
  • working voltage 3.3 V to 5V
  • a output form output analog voltage (0 to 5 v)
  • digital switch output (0 and 1)
  • has a fixed bolt hole, convenient installation
  • small board PCB size: 3.2 cm * 1.4 cm
  • power indicator light (red) and digital switch output indicator light (green)
  • comparator USES the LM393 chips, work stability
  • detection reflection distance: 1mm to 25mm
  • comparator output, signal waveform, driving ability is strong, for more than 15ma