Water Pump Oxygen Pump 9-12V

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  • ✔ FLOWRATE – pump tube size: 1mm ID x 3mm OD 2~17 mL/min;
    2mm ID x 4mm OD 5~40 mL/min ;
    3mm ID x 5mm OD 19~100 mL/min ;
  • ✔ POWERFUL – Suitable for viscous, non-viscous liquid
  • ✔ EASY USE – The pump head designed for easy disassembly, easy to clean and maintain.
  • ✔ CHANGEABLE FLOW DIRECTION – flow direction can be controlled by the positive and negative connection.
  • ✔ PORTABLE FOR WIDE USE – has been widely used in the field of experimental, biochemical analysis, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, products, ceramics, water treatment, environmental protection, etc.