solenoid valve DC12 24

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The ball valve is made of fine brass material of great durability and stability. The motor of the valve is synchronous motor. Wide range of application temperature,the motor can work normally at temperature between 2~90℃. Low energy consumption and the valve can rotate 90°. The thread is G1in for connection,working pressure is 1.6Mpa.  Widely used in heating, air conditioning system, floor heating system, solar energy and other systems.

Item Type:Ball Valve
Valve Material:Brass
Voltage: DC12~24V
Working Temperature:2~90℃
Action Time:6~15S
Power Consumption: 6W(Only when the valve is on)
Motor Type:synchronous motor
Valve Type:90° Rotation
Working Medium:Cold/Hot Water or 50% Ethylene Glycol Solution
Working Pressure: 1.6Mpa
Connection Type:Thread G1 in

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