UV Ultraviolet Detection Light Intensity Sensor Module

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GUVA-S12SD 3528 UV Sensor is specialized for Arduino.

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GUVA-S12SD 3528 UV Sensor is specialized for Arduino. Its connection port is compatible for Arduino sensor shield. It is a UV sensor containing the GUVA-S12SD, which can be widely used for intelligent indexing of UV devices, such as watches with UV exponential detection, smart phones with UV index detection, outdoor UV detection equipment, etc. It can also be used to monitor UV intensity, UV flame detectors when UV disinfection. The sensor comes with four positioning holes that allow you to secure the sensor to other devices.

Operating voltage: 3.3-5V (DC)
Interface: 3PIN interface
Input signal: analog signal
Spectral detection range: 240-370nm
Active area: 0.076mm2
Response: 0.14A/W
Dark current: 1nA
Light current: 101 to 125 nA UVA, 1 mW/cm2
Dimensions: 2.2x3cm/0.87×1.18inch
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