Wind Speed Sensor 0-2V – 3 meter cable

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The wind speed sensor is rain proof design

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The wind speed sensor is rain proof design, which adopts three hemispherical bowls with a diameter of 6cm and is installed in branches of 120 degrees. Under the action of wind, it can rotate. The greater the wind speed is, the faster the rotation is.


When the wind rotating component rotates, its diameter is about 22cm, it drives a small DC generator to generate DC voltage. The higher the wind speed is, the higher the DC voltage is, which can generate 2V DC voltage. Please refer to the attached manual for specific wind speed and voltage output parameters, and the error of the parameters is about 10%. If it is used in important occasions, please be careful..


The base is a zinc alloy casting, which can be fixed with two 6mm screws where necessary.


The wind speed sensor leads out a lead of about 3 meters, with red as positive and black as negative. In the application of MCU circuit, the black line is connected to GND, and the red line is connected to the corresponding ad port of MCU as voltage sampling. Ad port does not need to do any pull-down or pull-up resistance, if you like, parallel a 104 ceramic capacitor is enough.


  • Item Type: Wind Speed Sensor
  • Power Supply: Self-supply
  • Power Output: 0-2V
  • Diameter: 22CM
  • Accuracy: 10%
  • Mounting Space: 56mm
  • Mounting Hole Diameter: 6mm