Motion Sensor Phidget

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The Motion Sensor Phidget allows you to detect motion up to ten meters away.

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The Motion Sensor Phidget allows you to detect motion up to ten meters away. This sensor will output a steady voltage when no objects are detected. The voltage output will increase or decrease when motion is detected. Movement that fills more of the sensor’s field of view will result in a larger change in voltage. This Phidget connects to your computer through a VINT Hub.


  • Detects motion through infrared radiation. Excellent for detecting the movement of people or animals.
  • Passive recalibration – Objects that stop moving inside the sensor’s view won’t trigger the sensor until they start moving again.

Product Specifications

Board Properties
Controlled By Voltage Input
Motion Sensor
Sensor Output Type Non-Ratiometric
Horizontal Detection Range 70°
Vertical Detection Range * 70°
Motion Detection Distance ** 10 m
Electrical Properties
Current Consumption 140 μA
Physical Properties
Operating Temperature Min -30 °C
Operating Temperature Max 85 °C
Customs Information
Canadian HS Export Code 8471.80.00
American HTS Import Code 8471.80.40.00
Country of Origin CN (China)

* – Detection angle is reduced on the side of the lens where the connector blocks its view:


** – Detection distance varies with the size and speed of the object. Our testing was conducted with people moving at walking speed.


Product History

Date Board Revision Device Version Comment
February 2020 0 N/A Product Release