PhidgetAnalog 4-Output

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Outputs a voltage from -10V to +10V.

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Note: The 1002_0B is identical to the 1002_0, except that you have the option of whether you want to include the USB cable.

The PhidgetAnalog 4-Output Produces a voltage over -10V to +10V at a maximum of ±20mA. If this current is exceeded an error will be thrown to notify that the voltage may have dropped below the setpoint. The voltage is produced with 12 bit resolution (4.8mV).

The board is not isolated and all 4 channels share a common ground.

All the power is supplied by via USB.

* The maximum output frequency is dependent on the speed of your system.

Comes Packaged with


  • Hardware mounting kit:
  • 4x M3 Bolts (2cm Length)
  • 4x Plastic spacers (5mm Length)
  • 4x M3 Nuts


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