12V 24V Wireless 4 Channel Way Remote Control Switch

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Wireless remote control switch is a very wide range of applications of wireless control devices,using microprocessor intelligent control,it can be used in garage door control,lighting control,remote control curtains in areas such as ease of use with the installation simple,safe and reliable.

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Used for remote-control electric door, window, switch and security & protection or remote-control light
Four-way output; can be output stand alone as well as output for non-lock and mutual-lock output.
Can be switched freely in the three modes: Momentary, Toggle, Latched
Convenient to change chip into Momentary, Toggle, Latched to meet all kinds of needs
Sensitivity of receiving is very high; remote control distance is 50¡ª100 meters or even more than 100 meters according to different situation. The transmit distance can be expanded to 300m according to your requirement. It can control high-volt.(Thousand-voltage) appliance and equipment.
Adopt bulky relay, which can control kilowatt appliance or electrical system
Adopt wireless coding technology,no direction, non-interferential.


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