Mecanum Wheel Sets for TT Motor 48mm – 2 wheels

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  • 48mm wheel diameter

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  • 48mm wheel diameter

Mecanum wheels are unique as they are able to roll freely in two directions. It can either roll like a normal wheel or roll laterally using the wheels along its circumference. These wheels allow a robot to convert from a non-holonomic to a holonomic robot. A non-holonomic robot that uses normal wheels has only 2 out of 3 controllable degrees of freedom which are, moving forward/backward and rotating. Not being able to move sideways makes a robot slower and less efficient in reaching its given goal. The holonomic Omni-directional wheels are able to overcome this problem, as it is highly maneuverable. Unlike normal non-holonomic robots, the holonomic Omnidirectional robot can move in an arbitrary direction continuously without changing the direction of the wheels. It can move back and forth, sideways, and rotates at the same position.


  • Allows your robots to move in Omni-direction (back and forth, sideways and rotates at the same position).
  • Made of high‑quality ABS and rubber materials for smooth running and better gripping.
  • Compatible with TT motor.