PureThermal 3 – FLIR Lepton Smart I/O Board with Lepton FS

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The PureThermal 3 FLIR Lepton Smart I/O Module is a hackable thermal webcam module

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The PureThermal 3 FLIR Lepton Smart I/O Module is a hackable thermal webcam module for the FLIR Lepton Longwave Infrared (LWIR) camera core. It ships preconfigured to operate as a plug-and-play UVC 1.0 USB thermal webcam that will work with standard webcam apps such as VLC Media Player on PC, Linux, Mac, and Android. For developers, its reference firmware, viewer software, and hardware schematic are all open source!

Each PureThermal 3 is equipped with the reliable STM32F412 ARM microprocessor capable of processing images without any external system inputs. With a Lepton inserted into the PureThermal 3 you will be able to achieve 9Hz color video over USB using the USB UVC class. If USB isn’t necessarily your desired medium, this board has also been fitted with 0.1″ pins to interface over UART or I2C.

Note: This version of the PureThermal 3 comes with a FLIR Lepton FS imaging module. Lepton FS is a non-radiometric 160 x 120 resolution micro thermal camera module with reduced thermal sensitivity, reduced scene dynamic range, and up to 3% inoperable pixels.


  • 1x PureThermal 3 Breakout Board
  • 1x FLiR Lepton FS Module
  • Powered via USB-C or VIN
  • Get Thermal video over USB right out of the box using freeware apps like VLC on Mac, Linux, Windows, or Android
  • 9 Hz color video over USB using the USB UVC class
  • STM32F412 ARM microprocessor. Execute on-board image processing without the need for an external system
  • Through-holes for GPIO and peripheral breakouts to easily attach other devices
  • Open source reference firmware is on the GroupGets GitHub
  • Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) the STM32 ARM MCU over USB
  • Debug via JTAG through a Tag-Connect EC10, an ARM20-CTX, & ST-Link V/2.
  • UART, I2C, and GPIO Expansion via standard 0.1” holes
  • Compatible with all current 2.x and 3.x Lepton cores
  • Compact 25.8 x 28.9mm form-factor that can be embedded into other modules or inconspicuously housed as a standalone web, research, or security camera